Honoring Our Heroes
A few of the comments we gathered from pictures during the month of May, 2009. Thank you so much for taking the time to let your troop (and us) know how much these pictures mean to you!
Thank you so much for taking pictures of the soldiers. It means a lot for my kids and me to be able to see our Sgt Tsao. Thanks for giving us the wives, mothers and kids a moment of happiness after saying bye to them on May 6th 2009. God bless each soldier. We are all here praying for all of you to come back home safe.
Love you dad, stay up and be safe tough guy.
Joe This is what Kim would look like with no hair... My nephew
What awesome people you are to greet all these young men. It's comforting to the families knowing someone is there to receive them on their long journey and they are not alone. Thank you for sharing the pictures of our boys (men) with us and everyone else. Joshua, I am sooooo proud of you! I love you bunches! Mom
We love you Rob and miss u so much. Stay safe come home soon .Thank you for all your doing. Thank you greeters of Maine for taking photos and letting them call home. love you your wife, daughter, sons and grandson, family and friends.
Thank you so much. This is my unit and my husband left with them. I love you baby Take Care! I hope you all make it back safe and think you for taking these pictures it is such a good reminder!!
I would like to thank all who volunteer for Maine Troop Greeters. I am a wife and FRSA from Ft. Hood. It means the world to the Spouses and Family members to be able to see a smile on our Soldiers faces. Thank you for all you contribute!!
I would like to thank all that volunteer with Maine Troop Greeters!! I am a proud spouse and FRSA from Ft. Hood. It means the world to us to be able to see our Soldiers with a smile on their faces. Thank you so much for all you contribute!! Melanie
Thank You Thank You this is the best thing ever. This really helps us feel better to know our Dusten is still smiling. We love him so much. Thank you for letting him call home... We are very grateful. Wonderful...
We Love you and are so proud of you. Come home safe.  Aunt Buffy
This is my one and only, Handsome Son, Thinking of you always, keep your head down and C U Soon. I Love you. Love you … mama
This is my one and only husband Kevin, I miss u hurry home, love crystal. P.S. I love you =)
Hey this is Kristen to those of you know who I am this is my twin brother. Just wanted to say hey and we love you and miss you. Good luck!!!
Just wanted to let each and every soldier in our army family know how proud of them we are, and how much what they're doing means to each and every one of us. Always in our hearts, prayers, and thoughts. We love you!!!!!
This is my husband. Hey hon. thanks for calling me. I love and miss you so much and so do the boys. You look good and I actually see a smile. Thanks for taking the picture of my husband.
Thanks to the troop greeters for all that you do! What a nice surprise to get to see a few pictures of my husband already. Keep up the good work and know what you do is appreciated by many more than you will ever know.
Thank you for letting me see my husband one more time before he is off to Afghanistan.....punkie I love you with all my heart and miss you already....lil man n i cant wait to see you...come home to us soon daddy and be safe!! Think of me as i think of you and kiss scraggles ok!!
Please don’t be sad, we're gonna be reunited real soon!! Once again I love you with my all always and forever ur my number one!! Look at our pics and keep us close to ur heart!! laters my love..... May god bless all the troops and send them home to their families safely!!
Thank you so much for the pics!! Its great to see them! praying for them always!
Thank you so much Mainetroopgreeters for all you do for our serviceman and servicewomen! It really helps them to know that their sacrifice is appreciated. May the Lord bless them and bring all of them home safe! Also, it is great for us, family members, to see pictures of our love ones one last time before departure. Thanks again for these great pictures.
Thank you, Chuck Maples and the other Mainetroopgreeters for the pictures and your time and commitment to the troops.
My daughter and I were so excited and happy to see her Daddy! We miss him so much and pray for him to be safe! It is such a wonderful thing you men and women do! Thank you Maintroopgreeters! It means so much to see his face! Thank you again!
Thank you Mainetroopgreeters for all you do! These pics are wonderful. It was great to see my son's pictures. God Bless our men and women serving the USA.
Thank you for taking these pictures. It is so great families can see pictures of their heroes. To all of our troops be safe and come home soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families everyday. For our son we cant wait til you come home.
Thank you guys so much for putting the pictures of our troops on here for their families.
My sexy hubby Sgt. Schoenhoerfer.
Thanks, Maine troop greeters! What an unexpected treat to get to see my husband! God bless your work.
These are great pictures i hope you stay safe and come home soon. your family sends there love. Hannah loves and misses you love you
The pic here on the site are really nice...I see my husband Henderson in a few of them and I hope all the troops are going to be safe!! See you in 7months love you and can't wait!! 
This is my husband. He looks very tired. I miss him so much and I am counting down the days until he comes home.
Thank you so much for everything that you do!! you guys lifted my husband's spirits so much when he came through and I could never tell you how much I appreciate that. What you all are doing is amazing! Thank you and keep up the great work.
Thanks Troop Greeters! What you guys do is amazing the picture that you took of my Husband looked great! Thanks so much keep up the good work!
That’s MY THOMAS!!!! YAY Thomas I love you!!!

Thank you so much for taking this picture. His Smile means the world to me!
Thank you for your efforts and care. It is very greatly appreciated.
What a handsome Marine!!!
Thank you so much for pictures saw one of my husband and a lot of the guys that have become our family over the years
There was only one picture of my fiancé.
My hero I love you and miss you so much be safe my love.
Just wanted to say thank you to all who participated with this link. You are helping a lot of us to get through this difficult time by seeing our soldiers again.
Thank you guys so much for doing this. It mean's a lot to the soldiers & there families.
We are very grateful for t his.
Thanks for posting these a momma that had a son in Iraq, this means the world to us here at home praying for our loved ones serving our country~!!
Wow! Troop greeters, thanks so much for doing this. This really helps combat that feeling that our solider has dropped off the face of the Earth! He didn't, he's in your airport! This means so much to the families. PLEASE keep it up! Blessings to your organization.
Yeah sis ill see you in a few months ahhaha
Thanks for the pictures! nice to see my 'little boy' smile again before he leaves~
Thanks soooo much for doing what you do. It means so much to see our love one!!!
Thank you for making them feel so welcome! its nice to see the ones we love!
Thank you so much for these pictures I really look forward to pictures no matter where they come from or when i get to see them. My husband is Specialist Simmons and I was so excited when he told me his picture would be on here.
What a blessing! Thank you so much.
What a terrific and unexpected gift. Thank you so very much for your love and support. It is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Bronson for everything your doing for this country, take care of my nephew Riley Brock you guys have great pride Thanks again
Thanks for the unexpected photos. Keep up the great effort!
Thanks again Riley for everything you are doing for our country, your more of a man than i can ever say about myself
Thanks Riley for making this country a better place to live , i'm proud of you and i love you lots
Thanks guys for making this a better country for our future
Thank you so much for welcoming our troops (grandson). This picture means a lot to me and his family!
That's my son! God speed! I can't express enough how wonderful it is that you take the time to do this!
Thank you so much for making our troops feel welcome, and for everything that you are doing for them. It means so much to the families to get to see them
I miss & love my husband! Keep all of our men in your prayers!
That's my son in the back and that's just WRONG! LOL
Thank you for taking the time to do this. It means so much to the soldiers and their families.
Thank you so very much for what you are doing. It means so much that you take the time to do this for our soldiers and their families.
This is my wonderful husband and father of our 2 great kids. May God watch over you and the guys. Bring you all home safe. Great job Maine for allowing our families to view these photos.
I think this is a great site and a wonderful thing you guys are doing...b/c of your web site I got to see my husband before I went to bed. Thank you!  P.S. I love you hunny!
That's my boy! (3rd from front)
Oh my God!! Its my hubby. He’s on the phone with meee. All I can do is cry right now.. Thank you guys sooo much for this picture. It’s perfect. He is sooooooooo SEXY!!!!!!!
Its my hubby!!!! Thank you guy’s soo much its like one last look at him b4 he goes. Hes sooo sexy... Hehe
Thanks so much! I had to say good-bye to my daughter today. She called me and told me about being greeted by the Maine Troop Greeters! How awesome is this!!! This has been an emotional day. In two weeks I will be saying good-bye to another daughter that is being deployed for the second time and in the fall I will have to say good-bye to my son that is being deployed for his second tour to Iraq. Our soldiers, past and present is America's confidence. Thanks to all of our Soldiers, they are the worlds best!
Thanks so much for your site! I can't wait to see my soldier's picture, as he talked to his Mom before he left for Afghanistan.
(a.k.a. Mom)
This is so wonderful-thanks for taking the time to do this for our troops. I am the proud godmother of one of these brave soldiers and surely appreciate the thoughtfulness.
God bless.
yeah sis ill see you in a few months ahhaha
thanks for the pictures! nice to see my 'little boy' smile again before he leaves~
Thanks soooo much for doing what you do. It means so much to see our love one!!!
Thank you for serving for the land of the free & home of the brave. The brave--that's you.
I miss you!!! -Your wife
I just wanted to thank you guys from Maine Troop greeters for taking out the time to do this for our soldiers and families. I deeply appreciate it!!
Thanks for the picture! It was great seeing all of the Marines before their next journey
Thank you for all the things you do for the guys! It was certainly a pleasure to view and especially be able to see photos of my own son with his troop. Thanks again and God Bless You All and God Bless America!
Thank-you so very much for all you do for our Troops!! I can't even begin to say how I felt when I saw my Grandson on here. It was good to see him smiling. May God Bless All of You and Our Troops!!!
Keep up the good work!!!
I am glad to see my husband and one of his good friends are smiling.
The man in this photo is my wonderful husband. I am grateful to see his pic. up here. When I last saw him he was boarding a bus to leave. My daughter screamed “there’s daddy” once she saw this photo. I am going to miss him. Thank you for taking his picture.
Mrs. Davis again … thanks to whoever took this picture I miss him so much
The man in the picture is my husband it means the world to me to look at these pics and know he made it to his first stop safely he talking to me on the phone in this pic man ima miss him
to how ever took this pic thanks a whole bunch
Missing you may be gone but we are always together in Spirit... I love you and I'm praying for you. Be strong in the Lord. Take care and God be with you... sis nyd
Thanks for the picture! It was great seeing all of the Marines before there next journey
Thank you for all the things you do for the guys! It was certainly a pleasure to view and especially be able to see photos of my own son with his troop. Thanks again and God Bless You All and God Bless America!
My big sister looks soooooo cute!!!!! I know you'll be just fine Sgt. HH!!!!!
Thanks you guys for doing what you do...this is my fiance James, he was talking to me when you took this photo. I have been very sad today but this picture just made my day.
This is my son, in whom I am well pleased! God bless all of our brave heroes who fight to keep the United States free. I will continue to pray for you daily, hourly and always. Be careful and come home to us when your journey is finished. May God hold you in the palm of His hand and protect you, now and forever! I love you so much son! Mom :-)
hello there...How are you kuya?its me faye,the sister of mama nedy..always take good care of yourself...mwwah mwaahh.. mama nedy and anj is here in aklan..please invite me in your friendster account..thanks kuya...
God Bless
My babe, ahhh i miss him … I pray he stays safe, I pray all of them do. I’m glad they take these pictures of our troop. God Bless them I love u baby
This is my nephew, Brandon yesterday at the airport in Maine. I assume he's on the phone with his wife, Donna. Thank you so much Maine Troop Greeters!
Words cannot express the embedded treasured moments these pictures have brought me.... Not only my son's pictures... but to of all the young men and women who have made the decision to walk down a journeyed road together for our country... Heartfelt blessings and prayers to you all...
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